A CaraVita Village Move-In Guide

If you have made the decision to move into a community like CaraVita Village, then it is time to consider the factors involved with this big life transition to a senior living community. Leaving a home that has been lived in for many years may be a drastic change and downsizing is not always easy. Moving requires planning, preparation, and decision-making. That is why at CaraVita Village, we have compiled this guide for moving in!


Know Your Options

If you want a sense of community while maintaining the ability to remain independent, an independent living community, like CaraVita Village, is the best option. There are also assisted living communities for those who may rely more heavily on medical care. There are options for memory impaired individuals such as memory care communities and nursing homes. Be sure to know exactly what you need and research your options.


Set a Budget

There are various ways to ensure you have financial preparedness for the move. Knowing and setting a budget dependent on your income, savings, or financial aid is a crucial factor in this decision. At CaraVita Village, we have a payment plan for everyone, including cost-saving roommate options.



Our CaraVita Village apartments will probably not be as big as your previous home so downsizing can be an important part of the process. It can be difficult to pick and choose items to keep in your possession, to store, to gift, to donate, to sell or to trash. Downsizing can be emotionally trying so it is also important to remind yourself that possessions are only that, they cannot surpass the connection between family and friends.

The household objects you will need to make a smooth transition into senior living are:

  • Comfort items – blankets, robe
  • Family photos, plants, books
  • Hobby Materials
  • Favorite sheets, towels
  • Any extra electronics -laptop
  • Kitchen and bathroom supplies
  • Wanted clothing and shoe ware

Here is a list of things for you to consider storing, gifting, donating or selling:

  • Extra towels, sheets, blankets, rugs
  • China, plates, glassware, silverware, kitchenware
  • Artwork, paintings, statues
  • Photo albums and books
  • Cleaning and beauty products
  • Extra clothing, coats, shoes
  • Items of value (jewelry, etc.)


Preparing for the Move

The physical act of moving does not have to be a stressful one. At CaraVita Village, we are willing to extend an extra helping hand by recommending local, trusted moving companies and other local services. If you need to hire a moving company, be sure to schedule one with plenty of time to reserve the date. Moving day is (and should be!) an exciting time for you. You are starting on a brand-new adventure! Be sure to plan, prepare, and make the necessary decisions beforehand. Be sure to check everything off the following CaraVita Village Move-in Checklist as well!

  • Gather all legal documents, i.e., a power of attorney
  • Visit a physician to be up-to-date on vaccines and medications
  • Create a transition plan
  • Consolidate all the household possessions
  • Coordinate the actual move, i.e., hire movers
  • Make sure your loved one is settled in, meets staff, neighbors, and receives the activities schedule


Move-In Onboarding

CaraVita Village has Resident Ambassadors that are willing and excited to invite you into the community. During our onboarding process, we provide a meet and greet schedule to all of our new residents. Each resident has the opportunity to meet with the Executive Director, Chef, our Housekeeping Director, Activities Director, as well as additional staff members. During the meeting with our Activities Director, you will have the option to receive worksheets outlining likes and dislikes to ensure activities you participated in before living at CaraVita Village are included in the activities calendar!

Preparation is a key step to making a transition to a senior living community like CaraVita Village a smooth one. The CaraVita Village Move-In Guide is here to help ensure a seamless transition to our community, as this is a happy and exciting new adventure!