How to Stay Social

The benefits of staying social can significantly impact your quality of life. Staying social can also be a struggle for anyone, especially seniors with mobility or memory impairments and financial pressures. Fortunately, here at CaraVita Village, we have identified some ways to help you stay social. Senior living, here in Alabama, is an excellent platform for older adults to seek various areas of interaction. Learn about these activities to inspire socialization in your life!


Nurture Social Networks

The internet is here to stay. As more and more seniors embrace this fact, the more seniors there are entering the online social network scene. If you have not joined the revolution yet, you need to take advantage of the interconnectedness the world wide web can offer. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are an excellent resource to build and nurture your social networks. You can start by following your local Alabama senior living community or following personal interest groups. Social can also act as a platform for you to reunite with old friends or make new ones.


Online Gaming

Interaction from online games or gaming applications has proven to be very beneficial for seniors. Most games also pose mental health benefits keeping minds engaged and active. Team puzzle solving games support some of the most health benefits. However, there are endless game categories to suit whatever interests you may have. We suggest Words with Friends and FarmVille.


Join a Club

Club organizations are lovely ways for seniors to stay social and develop rewarding relationships. Some senior living communities in Alabama host clubs geared towards specific interests and past experiences such as military clubs. There may also be various organizations to interact with like-minded individuals in the community. Other great clubs to suggest include a book club, art club, and gardening club.


Spiritual Groups

Religious or spiritual events can bring people together in a profound way. Whether a service at a local church or a prayer group, these activities bring people together with the comfort of something bigger than themselves. If you are not religious, do not worry, there are plenty of other opportunities.



You can also follow the social avenues by offering family assistance or volunteering locally. One way to provide family assistance is to offer to watch the grandchildren or to take your sibling grocery shopping. Other ways to volunteer could be at a local library or hospital. There are also volunteer organizations such as the Senior Corps, a government-run organization for senior volunteering opportunities.


Plan to Get Involved

The first step to being social is to plan to be. Research online to find the right group or call a local senior community center. If you reside in a community for senior living in Alabama, reach out to the Activities Director in your community. Be sure to RSVP for social outings and events within the community. Once you start participating, you will make friends and staying social will be a way of life.

The benefits for seniors and socialization could be critical to a long healthy life.