Why CaraVita Village?

CaraVita Village, located in Montgomery, Alabama, offers a place to be with friends, family, and companions. Everyone is welcome at this vibrant community! Our senior living community takes pride in ensuring that no resident is left behind. Say goodbye to lonely nights and empty mornings and hello to laughter, friendship, and all of the fantastic memories to come! Residents can access a full range of amenities in the community - the resort-style pool, game rooms, theaters, salons, and so much more. Residents can select from a variety of accommodations, such as private residences and shared companion suites. Similar to a cruise ship, residents enjoy the following amenities; a wide range of activities, pricing structured according to your budget, and flexibility in keeping what they want and need in their room. Choose a room style or type which may also include a shared accommodation and gain access to the wide variety of residents and amenities at the community. Enter our community and start living today!

CaraVita Village is a place for people to come and enjoy the lifestyle they deserve with the hardworking years behind them and a whole new life ahead of them. Our all-inclusive resort style active living village for seniors awaits!

Our All-Inclusive Resort-Style Independent Senior Living in Montgomery, AL


Get more out of life and more out of relationships. Join the active lifestyle and never face loneliness again.


Welcome to the party. Join us for this luxurious vacation with friends, activities, amenities, and relaxation.


You call the shots. Come and go as you please. Make the decisions and stay in control of your life.

Our Community

Montgomery, Alabama

A vibrant and active senior living community is found at CaraVita Village. Discover friendships and adventure in a cruise ship that never leaves port!

I've worked in the kitchen at CaraVita for 6 months now. The experience has been enjoyable so far. The other employees are fun to work with and I like being around the residents and helping them. Chef Jose has been great to work for and the dining room is always full. I also enjoy the amenities on my off days, like going to the pool. I'd definitely recommend this community!



Community is very friendly. We all enjoy each others company and are like a big family. The meals are fabulous! Doctor told me to have balanced meals and that is what I am getting here, not to mention they are delicious! Chef Jose is fantastic! Come for the food, come for the fun!